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Aircraft Recovery & Salvage

Part of our philosophy and mission at Reclaimed Aeroparts is relationship building and connecting the right parts to the right people and planes. We work with clients in a variety of industries, but the two major types of businesses that frequently use our services are:


The insurance industry makes frequent use our expertise and resources to complete complex removal and recovery of aircrafts. Whether it is a large or small float aircraft overturned on a lake, a twin-engine aircraft that has gone off a remote runway, or an unforeseen circumstance, which led to the complete loss of aircraft in a forested area, our goal is to secure the aircraft and bring it back to a facility where it may be further assessed. We’ve seen a lot of unusual circumstances that have resulted in damaged aircraft in some remote locations. This often poses a challenge and proves the skills of our company as well as our capability to remove them while preserving as much of the integrity of the machine as possible.


Depending on the circumstances, we posses the ability to offer business or private aircraft owners an alternative solution to the traditional method of going through your insurance company should your aircraft be damaged to the point where it cannot be flown. Partial repairs and a ferry flight to a location where a full assessment may be carried out to determine whether the aircraft is beyond economical repair. We also have equipment to disassemble and haul aircraft away by trailer.


Since our business is about salvage, we are always interested in purchasing your aircraft or part inventory that is under utilized or sitting dormant, no matter where it sits. The plane or inventory may be derelict and collecting dust in a barn or garage, left at an airport, or damaged beyond repair in a remote location. Reclaimed Aeroparts will take it off your hands with no hassle! This solution puts cash in your pocket and relieves you of any further worry or concern about aircraft ownership.


  • You can expect a prompt response to your incident.
  • Multiple options for the best way to safely and economically move forward with the recovery.
  • We will work closely with the insurance company for efficient recovery of your aircraft with the least impact and inconvenience to you.

Let’s chat about some of our aircraft leasing and maintenance programs and how they can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Reclaimed Aeroparts is striving to be Canada’s premier aircraft leasing company and supplier of quality salvaged aircraft parts. We specialize in leasing piston powered light single and twin with emphasis on PA31-350 Chieftains, however we have extensive knowledge in numerous aircrafts.

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